Hydrographic Surveying | Seafloor Mapping Services

Hydrographic Surveying Services

  • Bathymetric Surveys

  • Mulitbeam Sonar Surveys

  • Dock Surveys

  • Magnetometer Surveys

  • Side Scan Sonar Surveys

  • Hazard Surveys

  • Sub-Bottom Profiling

  • Well and Pipeline Permit Maps

  • Well & Pipeline Staking

  • Pipeline Depth of Cover Surveys

  • Pipeline Location Surveys

  • RRC & GLO Permit/Regulatory Mapping

  • Clearance Surveys

  • Beach Profile Surveys

  • Dredge Support Surveys

  • Dredge Positioning

  • Dredge Volume Calculations

  • Pre-Dredge Hazard Surveys

  • Dive Support

  • Submerged Storm Debris Recovery Mapping

  • Recovery Support Surveys

We have extensive experience mapping the seafloor from the Texas coastline to New Jersey waterways. Our company specializes in hydrographic surveying.  Swift Surveying provides seafloor mapping services to ports, midstream companies, dive companies, marine service companies, dredge companies, and engineering companies.  We utilize the best technology and equipment to accurately complete projects quickly. Swift Surveying has two surveying vessels ready for deployment on any project.