Hydrographic Survey Projects


 Post-Dredge Multibeam Survey


Swift conducted a high-resolution multibeam survey for for a large scale dredging project for a new liquifaction facility on the Texas coast. The project included a 200% coverage multibeam survey and a dual-frequency single beam survey. Deliverables included a 3D model, cross-sections, volume calculations, and AutoCAD drawings.


 Jack-Up Vessel Real-Time Positioning


Swift Surveying provided real-time, high accuracy positioning for a 100 meter jack-up vessel.  Our team provided the navigation system to place the jack-up vessel within 4 feet of a multi-billion dollar semi-submersible platform.  The jack-up vessel will assist with construction operations for the semisubmersible.


Dam Basin Survey - Bathymetric, Side Scan Sonar, & Sub-Bottom Profiler - Texas


Swift Surveying Company completed a bathymetric, side scan sonar, and sub-bottom profile survey of a dam basin to assist in the geophysical assessment for design & construction of a new dam.  The equipment used for this survey included a dual frequency echosounder, RTK-GNSS, CHIRP Side scan sonar & Sub-bottom profiler. 


Jack-Up Rig Clearance Survey - Ingleside, Texas


Swift Surveying completed a clearance survey of a dock facility to locate any potential hazardous obstructions on the sea floor before the placement of a jack-up rig.  Side scan sonar and a dual frequency transducer were used to complete this project.


Bathymetric Marina Surveys - North Texas


Multiple marinas in North Texas contracted Swift Surveying to conduct bathymetric surveys.  The survey data will be used to identify areas with sufficient depths for the relocation of docks due to low water conditions in many lakes throughout North Texas. 


Bathymetric & Side Scan Sonar Survey - Texas


Swift Surveying Company completed a topographic, bathymetric, and side scan sonar survey of a section of river in Texas.  The equipment used for this survey included a dual frequency echosounder, RTK-GNSS and a CHIRP Side scan sonar.  The hydrographic survey data was in support of the design of a temporary commercial dock construction project. 


16" Pipeline Depth of Burial Survey - Gulf of Mexico


Swift Surveying Company conducted a depth of cover survey for a 16" pipeline from Matagorda Island, Texas to a nearshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.  The survey was completed using a sub-bottom profiler, magnetometer, DGPS, and echosounder.  This survey was conducted to ensure the pipeline meet all depth of burial requirements for the Texas Railroad Commission. The client deliverables included shapefiles and as-built drawings.


Dredge Support Surveys of 12 Marinas


Swift Surveying performed pre and post dredge bathymetric surveys for marinas impacted by Super Storm Sandy.  We calculated volumes for removed dredged materials and determined tide guage elevations for each of the marinas. Deliverables included drawings, TIN surfaces for Dredgepack, and GIS shapefiles.


Well Staking Copano Bay


Our team conducted a survey to locate an old well site and stake a site for a new well in the Copano Bay State Tracts.  Side Scan Sonar, Magnetometer, and an singebeam echosounder were used to locate the old well padsite. The new well site was staked according to the dimensions off the State Tract boundary and  Railroad Commission permit plats were poduced as the deliverable.


4 Mile 4" Pipeline As-built Survey


Swift Surveying performed a hydrographic and land as-built survey on a 4” pipeline. This survey was conducted to ensure the pipeline met all Texas Railroad Commission regulatory standards for depth of burial and to record a precise location of the pipeline. Deliverables included as-built drawings and GIS shapefiles.



Artificial Reef As-Built Survey


Swift conducted a side scan sonar and bathymetry survey of several artifical reef sites for a remediation project.  The survey was conducted to ensure the reefs were constructed to specific placement and water depth requirements. 


Emergency Channel Clearance Survey


Swift was on-site 4 hours after the call to locate 3 sections of pipe which fell off a vessel in the Port of Corpus Christi.  We utilized side scan sonar to locate the pipes and divers quickly removed the hazards. 



3 Mile Hazard Survey & Route Staking

This project was in support of a new pipeline construction project.  We conducted a magnetometer survey to locate and mark any crossing pipelines along the route. Multiple crossing pipelines and old well heads were located along the route.  Swift Surveying conducted an depth of cover survey on the constructed pipeline.


Super Storm Sandy Side Scan Sonar Submerged Debris Mapping


This project is in support of all marine debris recovery efforts in New Jersey. Swift Surveying assisted in mapping and managing recovery efforts after Super Storm Sandy utilizing side scan sonar to map all of the submerged debris for the southern half of New Jersey. Deliverables included side scan sonar processing and reporting, spatial analytics, historical anomaly recognition and mapping, and project logistics management.


Single Beam Sonar

Super Storm Sandy Dredge Support Bathymetric Surveys

Swift Surveying was contracted to conduct bathymetric surveys to locate and quantify areas of shoaling and sediment deposits created by Super Storm Sandy in New Jersey. Pre and post dredge bathymetric surveys were conducted to quantify dredge material for dredging operations.