Oil & Gas Survey Projects


Multiple Well Staking & Pad Site Layout - West Texas


This on going project is in support of the development of oil and gas reserves in West Texas.  Swift Surveying currently has crews working in multiple counties staking wells, survey for construction of padsites and facility sites throughout West Texas.


Frac Tank Volume Surveys

East & West Texas


Swift Surveying has completed multiple frac tank volume survey in East Texas and West Texas . Our crews use hydrographic survey equipment and RTK-GNSS to create an accurate topographic model of each frac tank.  The frac tank models are then used to calculate fill volumes for the client.


Facility Site Layout & As-Built Survey


Our team performed a layout and as-built survey of a compressor and tank site near Refugio, Texas.  Swift Surveying Company staked the proposed facility and located any foreign pipelines in the area.  We also conducted an as-built survey of the facility site and pipelines once the site was finished. Deliverables included AuoCAD drawings of the facitlity, boundary survey, legal descriptions, and ESRI shapefiles. 


Oil & Gas Lease Survey and Well Permitting - South Texas


Swift Surveying Company completed a survey for an oil & gas exploration company acquiring lease acreage in the South Texas area. Swift located all the lease boundaries including calculating the boundaries of some original land grants.  Our team completed the well staking surveys, permit plats, padsites surveys and gathering pipeline easements surveys for multiple wells locations.